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We are hoping you can contribute to our cause by either volunteering or donating. 

Beach Cleanup


We are always looking for volunteers to help us in our efforts on the Townsend Flowage. If you have some spare time and can volunteer, please share your talents with us by letting us know how you can help and where. We are also looking for someone who has experience applying for grants.  The donation of your time would be appreciated.

Upper End of Flowage
      Boat Landing 
      Weed Harvesting.                  
      Installing Buoys                    

      Boat Safety

      Writing Grants                             

Lower / McCaslin of Flowage
      Boat Landing 
      Weed Harvesting.                 

      Buoys & Maintenance

      Boat Safety 

      Fish Reporting    

Volunteer with helping hands
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Thanks for volunteering!

...with your helping hands

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