Annual Newsletter, June 2018 (for up-to-the-minute news, see Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes)

Townsend Flowage Protection District (TFPD)

We would like to thank Dawn and Renee of the My Bar for donating $1,828 recently raised at the 5th Annual Townsend Flowage golf outing. $900 has been designated for the proposed 10 ft. culvert at Summer Lane, with the remaining $928 to be used at the TFPD discretion. Very much appreciated! Thank you very much!

2018 annual meeting highlights

Meeting was called to order by Board President, John Zimdars on June 16, 2018, 9:00 a.m. at the Townsend Town Hall. John Zimdars confirmed that the meeting agenda was posted at the Townsend Town Hall, Townsend post office, Karla’s Kountry Kitchen and the Townsend Flowage Protection District web site,

The secretary’s report of the March 10 was distributed to attendees. Chuck De Moulin made a motion to accept the secretary’s report as distributed.  Rich Schoonveld seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Sherman Laundrie reviewed the 2018 budget status and the proposed 2019 budget (attached). Mike Vande Walle made a motion to adopt the 2019 budget. Dale Ott seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

A letter was read from Kim Seeber regarding the TFPD financial audit confirming that all is in order.

Agenda topics:

Lake Health. Another lake study needs to be performed in 2020 to be able to qualify for a new weed harvest permit.  Each year a portion of the budget is reserved to enable the weed study to be performed. A typical lake study identifies the weeds, water clarity, water temperature, oxygen levels and other points. The most recent lake study shows that in general, the lake is healthier than in years past.  Chuck De Moulin reported that controls and regulatory aspects of the use of phosphorus, septic tanks, etc. improvements have had a positive impact.

John Brantmeier asked about the possibility of using herbicide for weed control. DNR will not issue any permits to use herbicide unless we first do a bathemy study which is in excess of $100,000.   Carla Van Camp suggested holding classes on the proper method of pulling milfoil which has been identified as likely the best method of controlling the invasive weed. There are You Tube videos available on how to pull weeds.  A drawdown of the lake, similar to a previous one would not be effective and was not effective the last time. Carol Haggstrom asked why, during the previous drawdown of the lake, was it not advised to pull the milfoil. Chuck De Moulin responded that at the time, pulling was not an option so as not to disturb the bottom of the lake. The goal was to freeze out the weeds. The use of herbicides in the Townsend Flowage may not be effective due to the continually moving water and is very expensive.  

Mike Vande Walle asked about the status of the planned new culvert on Summer Lane. The TFPD previously voted to approve a donation of $1,000 to the Town of Townsend to help defray extra costs for the larger culvert, as long as the plan is for a 10 foot culver (vs 8 foot). 

Question arose regarding the need for the donated fund. Carla Van Camp commented that an estimate is being prepared at this time by Centurylink and WPS to determine costs. The $1,000 is still in the TFPD 2018 budget for a 10 foot culvert (vs. 8 ft.).  Rich Schoonveld made a motion to keep the $1,000 in the 2018 budget for the proposed larger culvert. Dale Ott seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Potential Land Purchase. The Town of Townsend is considering leasing of land on Sunset Bay.  The TFPD could have the potential to build on the land if approved by the town. The topic is on the July or August town meeting agenda.  

Mike Vande Walle made a motion as a first step, to borrow, escrow or lease the land and approach the Town of Townsend for use of land on Sunset Bay by the TFPD with the understanding if the TFPD would disband, it goes back to ownership of the town. Rich Schoonveld seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Chuck De Moulin made a motion to form a land and building feasibility committee. Bob Kocken seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Fisheries. It was discussed that previous walleye plantings have not been entirely successful. No further permits will be issued by the DNR for walleye or any fish plantings until lake feasibility study is completed to determine if fish can be planted in the future.

Boat Launches and Kiosks.  Dale Ott reports that he collected $200+ donations at the boat launch, which has been turned in to Sherman Laundrie, Treasurer.  A concern was expressed about landing depth and large boats trying to launch at Bennett Lane. The Otts have made copies of information about the Townsend Flowage including a depth map of the lake which has been posted at the boat landings.

Skip Haggstrom reminded that the launches at Sunset Bay and Red Maple Lane have ramps.  Bob Kocken will mark the location of the boat landings on the map and get copies laminated and distributed.

Weed Cutter Maintenance and Volunteer Update. A weed harvesting map as published in the 2017 lake management plan has been printed, laminated and posted at the kiosks. 

We are currently experiencing some maintenance issues on both the “new” cutter and the “10 foot cutter”. The new cutter has a gear box that needs to be repaired. Current estimate of repair is the 1st part of September.  A new gear box would take 12 weeks for delivery.  The new cutter will be down until the gear box can be replaced. 

The main hydraulic pump on the 10 foot cutter is in for repair.  

New tires were purchased for the weed hauling trailer.

Volunteer drivers are needed for cutting, which will resume after the maintenance issues are resolved. At the annual meeting, volunteers stepping forward for cutting on the upper flowage were Paul Bowers, Mark Clements and Al Zimpelman . Mike Vande Walle volunteered for truck driving on some days. Chuck DeMoulin will work on training the new volunteers. Thank you for volunteering.

Buoys Update. Buoys are all in. 

Loon Watch. Carole Haggstrom reports she is looking for “Loon Ranger” volunteers , especially from north side of lake. Carole is required to fill out paperwork accordingly. John Brantmeier and Dale Ott have volunteered for east side of south (lower). Dan Coopman will volunteer at west side of south (lower). Lorraine Aro volunteers for the north end.

For more information on Loon Watches in general, go to: .

Clean Boats Clean Water. Skip Haggstrom reports the TFPD receives points for volunteer hours. Volunteers need to record their hours. Skip will be at Red Maple boat landing, Dale will collect hours. 

Grants available for Individual Lake Property Owners and Lake Districts

John Zimdars reports there is approximately $340,000 available from the Oconto County Healthy Lakes Cost Share Program to provide financial assistance to communities to enhance, protect and restore water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, tourism and recreational values.  

Successful applicants will be eligible for funds up to 10% of the total project cost if applicant is receiving other state or federal grants, or up to 50% if the applicant is not receiving state or federal grants.  A maximum cost share cap will be 10%/50% or $7,000 limited to whichever cap is reached first.  The annual funding pool will be set at $35,000 unless otherwise approved by the Oconto County Land Conservation Committee.  

Applications will be accepted from January 2nd to September 15th of each year.  The Land Conservation Committee will make final awards by November 30thof that year. 

Healthy Lake Grants are available for individual property owners who wish to make improvements such as rain gardens, rock infiltration, fish sticks, native planting and diversion.  These grants must be applied for by the TFPD for multiple lakeshore owners.  The grants provide up to $1,000 per Best Practice and up to $25,000 for an eligible applicant applying on behalf of multiple property owners. More information can be found at  

Mike Vande Walle made a motion that the TFPD support Clean Water Healthy Lakes and work toward putting a committee together with board participation to pursue grant possibility. Chuck De Moulin seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Board Position Openings

Board Commissioner and Treasurer positions are open. Mike Gabryszek was voted in as a Board Commissioner and has agreed to be considered for the treasurer position. Election of treasurer position will be held at a future board meeting.

New Website and Communications

A new website for the TFPD is now in development. The new site will give an updated look with added communications capabilities to the TFPD membership. Targeting an early fall launch date.  With the new communications capabilities, the new site will bring, we would like your email address for future TFPD communications.


Please email to info@townsendflowageprotectiondistrict.comand let us know if you give permission for us to email future TFPD communications and we will add you to the list.

We are looking for great pictures for use on sections on the website.  Please email mlvanvonderen@gmail.comto let us know if you have photography to be considered. For example, looking for pictures of lake recreation, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, fish loons, clean boats clean water volunteer activities, etc.



All TFPD mailings are sent to the address listed with Oconto County (mailed to same address as your tax bill). Please let us know of any discrepancies or corrections that need to be made, and also please remember to contact Oconto County with any corrections.

Public comment.


John Brantmeier reports that a recreational bridge for the Wolf and Nicolet forest trails, (next to highway bridge) has been proposed. Contact John for more information. An open house was held at Antigo Fairgrounds regarding the proposal. DNR will be sharing information and seeking public opinion. 

Future 2018 TFPD board meeting dates:

  • September 15 

  • December 8 (plus Christmas party in evening – to be determined)

Other News:


TFPD Publicity: Kathie Marsh reports that articles and photos relating to the TFPD activities are sent to local newspapers  If you have something newsworthy, please send it to kathiemarsh@yahoo.comfor publication in the local newspapers, and to for consideration for posting to the new web site.


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