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Partnership organizations are extremely important to the success of our mission. We hope to educate everyone so that together we can make improvements. Here you will find services we provide along with studies and programs we have implemented and will continue in the future.

Current Study

Kids on Dock

Brenda and Claire from DNR documenting study requirements just past the bridge on Burndt Dam Rd.

The Wisconsin DNR completed the shoreline habitat portion of their study the afternoon of June 20th for the Flowage, McCaslin and Channel to Reservoir.  They will be back in July to do the aquatic plant survey to determine the abundance and diversity of the aquatic plants. Once the weeds blossom and grow taller, they are better able to determine species.


The lack of snow over the ice during the winter months allowed the plants to reach the top of the water column earlier this season. There may appear to be more plants but we don’t know for sure until we compare the density and diversity of the plants this year compared to other years, using a statistical analysis called a chi square.

All plant species are cyclic, so there may be a decrease in one kind of species and an increase in another to occupy that niche. This will be determined by that survey, again compared to other years.  The DNR often see coontail, elodea, flatstem pondweed, and Eurasian water milfoil battle for dominance. If this survey says there was a decrease in one of the 3 native plants, EWM may have occupied the extra space.


For more information about the current 2-year lake study that Oconto County Land & Water Conservation Dept, the Wisconsin DNR and UW-Stevens Point will undertake this summer please review the below document from Ken Dolata that gives a brief introduction with a link to the details of this study. 


There is also a survey they are asking all Townsend Flowage property owners to take.  The information you supply will help them with this studies and it's findings. Get Involved!



We are a proud member of OCLAWA (Oconto County Lakes and Waterways Association) Oclawa provides us with Grants we can apply for and keeps us informed on state regulations. They work closely with the DNR and Oconto County and share with us ways we can improve our body of water. 

Youth Engagement
Youth involvement is important

Engaging and educating the youth is essential for the future of our lakes. We hope to guide future generations on their responsibility to protect and preserve. We continue to support the Kids fishing tournament every year on the first Saturday in July. Ages 15 & under. Please join the fun at Wendts Sandbar on Nicolet Dr in Townsend, Wisconsin.

clean boats clean waters

Goal of this program is to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species from boats, trailors, live wells and used bait transferred from one lake to another. Our team and volunteers educate boaters and conducts inspections at our boat landings to reduce the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species.

Weed Harvesting
Invasive Species
TF Weed Cutter
Invasive species 1
Snapshot of the day Volunteer program

The most effective method of controlling invasive weeds within 30' of your dock is by pulling the plant up by the root, putting it into the boat or on a tarp on your dock or shore, and disposing of them at the recycle center.  Our weed cutters have a designated route from the DNR and cannot operate close to shores or docks.

Invasive Species 2

Volunteers across the state gather together to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS). Together you learn how to identify species of concern and

venture out into the field on a community science scavenger hunt. Snapshot Day is held in Oconto County every year n August.  Feel free to review this handbook for more information.

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